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About the partnership

We, innovators and initiators, representatives, and activists from five neighboring municipalities and Ramat Hanadiv (and you as well, if you live, work or visit the region), teamed up to create a better present and future for all of us. By combining forces we will be able to preserve the unique texture of this region that integrates natural values with agriculture, rural communities and heritage sites; we will be able to improve the quality of life and maintain a thriving community that we can be proud of. This is sustainability in practice.

The partnership expresses our responsibility for the region we live in – a region that does not recognize council boundaries. The Taninim River crosses and influences the region, flowing down through the Alona communities and Binyamina towards the coastal communities of Jisr al-Zarqa and Ma’agan Michael without considering municipal rates. Transportation, agriculture, wildlife, mosquitoes, sanitation and other issues all demonstratively ignore the municipal maps.

This is the reason for establishing the initiative – taking natural and mutual responsibility for this region of sustainability.

A natural region creates a natural partnership

We are all partners in the region. Just like the villages of long ago, the streets of our childhood, our family. Each one of us has his own private space however we also affect each other, consider the needs of those who share our space and are mutually responsible for our shared quality of life. The Nadiv Valley and the Taninim River are the joint public open space of Zikhron Ya’akov, Binyamina, Givat Ada, Jisr al-Zarqa, the Alona communities and Hof HaCarmel. A region in which the different families, business owners, municipalities and farmers all engage and cooperate with each other. A region that is pleasant to live in, that develops and thrives, that creates a high-quality living environment where people want to live (the value of its assets is also increasing). A region that demonstrates foresight, and plans well, for both the near future and future generations.

This is the Partnership for Regional Sustainability

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