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The Vision: Sustainable Existence is in Our Hands

A new reality of life in the region

Imagine a better quality of life, wellbeing, good health, thriving local businesses, unified local communities, mutual aid, agriculture, environment and balanced development planning. Stop imagining and join the partnership. This is the vision – from theory to practice, to preserve the natural texture of the region, and the opportunity to become part of it, for generations to come.

Our way

The partnership grows from all directions and to all direction: grassroots initiatives, strategies of the steering committee, support and cooperation with the municipalities, integration of professionals, partners and more. Coordination of these efforts takes place in the partnership forum which meets frequently.

Municipal partners: Municipal heads are obligated and involved. Every municipality appointed a representative who participates in the work forum that meets frequently.

Guiding forum: A group of a few dozen stakeholders from different disciplines, residents of the region, who give of their time to plan and implement the partnership’s strategy.

Community initiative: The partnership already assists and coordinates dozens of projects that are implemented by you, the residents, to promote sustainability in the region.

Partners in education: Many preschools and schools in the region are active partners, and promote values of connecting to nature and the environment, connecting to regional heritage, social responsibility and more.

Partners in training and knowledge: The partnership invests in continuing education and training programs for activists on a range of issues: home gardening, edible forests, green business, transport, green infrastructures and more. At the same time, the partnership is building a diverse knowledge infrastructure (database) that includes: a database for the Taninim River, environmentally-friendly agricultural practices, research on damage by animals to agriculture and more.


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