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Coexistence of nature, agriculture and man group

חקלאי על טרקטור

This task group deals with finding the delicate balance that underpins the interactions between different land uses in the region – between agriculture and nature, and between development needs and values of nature conservation. Representation of all land uses in this group will enable dialog and clarification of shared interests, and will form suitable collaborations for preserving the landscape.

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The group includes:

Farmers from the region, residents, municipal representatives, representatives of planning institutions and government ministries, representatives of environmental and nature organizations and more.


זעים עמאש
Zaeem Amash
Assistant local mayor of Jisr al Zarqa
זרי גרמי
Zeri Garmi
Chairman of blue and green, a member of the Hof Hacarmel Regional Council
הילה רווה
Hila Rave
Coordination Coordinator of the Partnership
מנדי שפיגלר
Mendi Shpigller
Engineer of Shomron spatial committee
נדב שדה
Nadav Sadeh
Towns Planner
נגה שני
Noga Shani
Strategic Consulting - Modus Company
ענת לב ארי
Anat Lev Ari
member of entrepreneurs staff
יחיעם אלטשולר
Yechiam Altshuler
דיוויד ברייטבורד
David Brightbord
The local council engineer Binyamina - Givat Ada
יניב פילדסט
Yaniv fildest
The developers team member
אבי גולדשטיין
Avi Goldshtain
נדב הדר
Nadav Hadar
The local council engineer Zichron Yaacov
אבי שוורצברג
Avi Shwvarzberg
Chairman of the Agricultural Committee Alona
ליאת הדר
Liat Hadar
Director of Researchs of Ramat Hanadiv
איל טפרברג
Ayal Teperberg
Member of team projects
אבי פרבולוצקי
Avi Pervulutski
Consultant "partnership" with regard to coexistence of nature, agriculture and human
אשר גרף
Asher Graf
Chairman of the Agricultural Committee Zichron Yaacov
אורי מורן
Ori Moran
Consultant in the field of water science
משה יזרעאלי
Moshe Israeli
Carmel Drainage Authority Director
אורית כפרי כהן
Orit kafri Cohen
Environmental Consultant
ברוריה מידן
Brurira Meydan
Participating in regional leadership for sustainability
נירית אסף
Nirit Assaf
Staff training - Ramat Hanadiv
בן רוזנברג
Ben Rozenberg
Ecologist Nature and Parks Authority
מירי ארנסון קרחי
Miri Areneson karchi
member of Developers staff
אלברט קמינר
Albert Kaminer
Manager the Natural Park, Ramat Hnadiv
נילי מנור
Nili Manor
דבי לרר
Debbi Lerer
Project leader Sustainable Gardening Partnership
רחלי שוורץ צחור
Racheli Schwartz sahur
Head of Sustainability staff - Ramat Hanadiv
לירון אמדור
Liron Amdur
Agricultural Consultant Master Plan team Zichron Yaacov
ברוך אורן
Baruch Oren
Social activist, entrepreneur
עמוס וייל
Amos Veil
Agricultural committee secretary Binyamina - Givat Ada
הדס בשן
Hadas Bashan
Director of spaces Biosfriim, the Jewish National Fund
מודי ברכה
Modi Bracha
Director of Environment, MA - Carmel Beach
רותי לפידות
Ruti Lapidut
Head of the Environment Committee - substitute Binyamina - Givat Ada
יגיל אוסם
Yagil Osem
Partnership Advisor for coexistence of nature, agriculture and human
עמנואל קאופשטיין
Emanuel Kaupshtain
אביעד שר שלום
Aviad Sar Shalom
Partnership's consultant
נעמי אפל
Naomi Apel
Partnership Director
אמיתי הר לב
Amitay har Lev
Strategic Consultant - Modus Company
יעל לביא אפרת
Yael Lavie Efrat
Conservation coordinator, Haifa, Society for the Protection of Nature