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Forum for community and educational initiatives

פורום יזמות קהילתית וחינוכית

The program for community and educational initiatives

Since 2015, professional staff from Ramat Hanadiv guides the projects that were accepted to the program for initiatives within the framework of two calls for proposals that were advertised in 2015 and 2016. The aim of the initiatives is to promote fulfillment of ideas, dreams and needs of the region’s communities with a sustainable approach.

The guidance is designed to drive the project forward, to guide and to act as an advisory body that encourages joint thinking with relevant projects and strategic partners in order to promote the project and meet challenge that arise along the way.

The guidance is performed while maintaining the initiators’ independence and driving them to towards long-term responsibility and commitment to running their projects. As of 2016, 30 projects were accepted within the framework of the calls for proposals, of which 18 are community projects and 12 are educational.

Initiators’ forum – a platform for creating community cooperation and dialog

“The meetings between the project leaders are enjoyable and create links between all of us”, Ido Aviani, initiator.

One of the overriding aims of the program is to form a network of collaborations and connections between initiators. “The initiators’ forum” facilitates achievement of this aim. The initiators’ forum meets every six weeks, where a different project hosts each meeting.

The program of meetings includes getting to know the host project, joint learning, support and consultation, and enrichment of the shared language and knowledge in the field of sustainability.

Conferences and events

We arrange central events to which, in addition to the project leaders, wider circles of community representatives from the region are also invited – project activists in the field, and often the entire community. This is all with the aim of raising community awareness of sustainability values and of the wonderful activities of the projects and the activists in the field, in the hope of expanding the circles of active partners.

Annual project conference

An annual conference is held to summarize the year’s activity, and at the same time reveal the call for proposals to potential initiators for the coming year of activity. Initiators, activists, strategic partners and also potential initiators are invited to the conference.


ענת לב ארי
Anat Lev Ari
member of entrepreneurs staff
הזאר מסארוה
Hazar Masarwa
member of Developers forum
שאדי עמאש
Shadi Amash
member of Developers forum
מיכאל ריינהרץ
Michael Rinhertz
member of Developers staff
נזמי עמאש
Nazmi Ammash
member of Developers staff
טלי חנניה
Tali Hanania
member of developers forum
רחלי אברהם
Racheli Avraham
member of Developers forum
עבאד ג'ורבאן
Abed jorban
member of Developers forum
מוחמד עמאש
Muhammad Amash
Director of young Local Council of Jisr al Zarqa
יניב פילדסט
Yaniv fildest
The developers team member
מוחמד ג'ורבאן
Muhammad Jorban
member of Developers forum
צהלה ברוש
Tzahala Brush
member of Developers forum
ענת ליברמן
Anat Liberman
member of Developers forum
אור גילת
Or Gilat
member of Developers forum
עידו אביאני
Ido Aviani
member of Developers forum
אירית לדור
Irit Lador
Director of Education in partnership
איל טפרברג
Ayal Teperberg
Member of team projects
אלישבע גלעד
Elisheva Gilaad
Economy expert Heinrich Boll Foundation
נירית אסף
Nirit Assaf
Staff training - Ramat Hanadiv
מירי ארנסון קרחי
Miri Areneson karchi
member of Developers staff
דניאל כהן
Daniel Cohen
member of Developers forum