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Senior educational forum

מנהלי מחלקות חינוך ברשויות השותפות

The educational frameworks in the region are central partners in the regional processes and take part in promoting The Partnership’s aims by developing content and running activities that speak and act sustainability.

Fields of activity of the forum:

·  Leading the vision – the forum is a partner in determining the intercommunity educational policy

·  Initiator – the forum acts to realize the future vision of a sustainable region through educational initiatives.

·  Connector – the forum leads the assimilation of education for sustainability into the education systems with an emphasis on cross-municipal activities.

· Facilitator – the forum acts as a sphere for shared thought and learning.

The forum’s work is of great importance for advancing the aims of The Partnership:

· Sustainability in essence is based on a future vision and does not deal only with the here and now. Assimilating values of sustainability and a bond to the region in the younger generations will produce adults who will take responsibility in the future for their environment and for their actions within it.

· The region of The Partnership abounds in relatively small communities. In these communities the education systems are usually an integral part of the community and often play a central role. Connecting the educational frameworks to the values of The Partnership will necessarily lead to advancement of these values among the communities of the region.


סמי עלי
Alli Amash
Manager Regional Council Education Department Jisr al Zarqa
מוניק ווקנין
Monik Vaknin
Director of Education Department Local Council Binyamina - Givat Ada
מרים פאוניאן
Miriam phauinian
Director of Education local council Zichron Yaacov
רחל בשארי
Rachel Bashari
Education Director M.A Alona
אירית לדור
Irit Lador
Director of Education in partnership
דני גילדין
Danny Gildin
Director of Education, MA - Carmel Beach