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Sustainable regional economy group

דיון בצוות כלכלה

The aim of this group is to promote opportunities in the region for economy based on the assets existing in the region: residents, communities, infrastructures, culture, landscape, history and so on. Similarly, the group will offer shared regional platforms for marketing and promotion of sustainable economic activities.

Members of the group:

Entrepreneurs and business owners from the region, representatives of employment and entrepreneurship-promoting centers, farmers and promoters of agricultural tourism, community activists and more.

How can you join?

Participation in the group is voluntary. The group members contribute professionalism, regional thought, open-mindedness, and commitment to the process. The group meets every six weeks.

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הילה רווה
Hila Rave
Coordination Coordinator of the Partnership
נגה שני
Noga Shani
Strategic Consulting - Modus Company
הילה אטיאס אלמגור
Hila Atias Almagor
The local council spokeswoman Binyamina - Givat Ada
מוחמד עמאש
Muhammad Amash
Director of young Local Council of Jisr al Zarqa
רותי בן ישראל
Ruti Ben Israel
כמי זריהן הלר
Kemi Zrihan Hellr
Projects Manager, is active in the construction of a bicycle path
דגנית אזולאי
Dganit Azulay
Owner of the restaurant "Adama"
גלי כהן
Gali Cohen
Director of audience - Ramat Hanadiv
צח גלזר
Tzach Glazer
Director of the goat yard - Ramat Hanadiv
בני בן ישראל
Beni ben israel
A culinary tourism business
דריה מוזס
Daria Mozes
Business Consuler
מיכאל לסרי
Michael Lasri
Founder of solar energy
אבי שוורצברג
Avi Shwvarzberg
Chairman of the Agricultural Committee Alona
טלי ודורון בר דויד
Tali & Doron Bar David
Business owners' delivery metallic "
בלה אבי נתן חפץ
Bella Avi Natan Hefets
Responsible procurement Local council Binyamina Givat - Ada
איל טפרברג
Ayal Teperberg
Member of team projects
ליקה לוי
Lika levi
Director of Women's Business Leadership Forum
מירב אביב
Meirav Aviv
Association Director Carmelim
דורון פהימה
Doron Fahima
Director MATI center move region Hadera
דני ביתן
Danni Bitan
Secretary of the local council Zichron Yaacov
מירב אזולאי
Meirav Azulay
Transitions Center Director Carmel Menashe
ד"ר גילי ברוך
Gili baruch
Consultant Partnership for sustainable regional economy
אלישבע גלעד
Elisheva Gilaad
Economy expert Heinrich Boll Foundation
איל כגן
Eyal kagan
אחמד ג'וחה
Ahmad Juha
Guesthouse owners of Joha
נטע חנין
Neta Hanin
Director Juha's Guesthouse
חנן זיסו
Hanan Zissu
Youth coordinator of Alona communities
עמוס וייל
Amos Veil
Agricultural committee secretary Binyamina - Givat Ada
הדס בשן
Hadas Bashan
Director of spaces Biosfriim, the Jewish National Fund
אביעד שר שלום
Aviad Sar Shalom
Partnership's consultant
נעמי אפל
Naomi Apel
Partnership Director
אמיתי הר לב
Amitay har Lev
Strategic Consultant - Modus Company