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Sustainable transport group

צוות תחבורה

Reducing the use of private vehicles and expanding the use of a range of alternative modes of transport.

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How can you join?

Participation in the group is voluntary. The group members contribute professionalism, regional thought, open-mindedness, and commitment to the process. The group meets every six weeks.


איציק דהן
Itzik Dahan
Northern Cluster Manager, Lines Company
שלמה לוינזון
Shlomo levinson
Active in the field of transport
הילה רווה
Hila Rave
Coordination Coordinator of the Partnership
ממה ליפשיץ
Mema (Abraham) lifshitz
Active in the field of transport
מנדי שפיגלר
Mendi Shpigller
Engineer of Shomron spatial committee
נדב שדה
Nadav Sadeh
Towns Planner
נגה שני
Noga Shani
Strategic Consulting - Modus Company
עדנה בוקשטיין
Edna Bokshtain
Activist picking plants
אברהם ליפשיץ
Avraham Levinson
Resident active
בילי תשובה
Billie Tshuva
Residents Forum member local council Zichron Yaacov
דיוויד ברייטבורד
David Brightbord
The local council engineer Binyamina - Givat Ada
טליה מבור
Talya Mavur
Director of Environment local council Zichron Yaacov
מוחמד עמאש
Muhammad Amash
Director of young Local Council of Jisr al Zarqa
ורד סלדינגר
Vered Saldinger
Residents Forum member local council Zichron Yaacov
עמוס יורן
Amos Yuran
Green building architect environmental activist
נדב הדר
Nadav Hadar
The local council engineer Zichron Yaacov
יואב לוי
Yuav Levi
Member Environmental Forum Zichron Yaacov
יעקב ג'ורבאן
Yaacov Jorban
Engineer Local Council of Jisr al Zarqa
ירון פרידמן
Yaron Fridman
Director General of Regional Council Carmel Coast
כמי זריהן הלר
Kemi Zrihan Hellr
Projects Manager, is active in the construction of a bicycle path
לימור רוטיץ
Limor Rotiz
Transportation Planner
דוד שמעון
David Shimoon
Active in the field of transport
אפרת מזרחי
Efrat Mizrachi
Local council member Binyamina - Givat Ada
רונית טורק
Ronit Turk
Environmental planner
אירית לדור
Irit Lador
Director of Education in partnership
ברוך אורן
Baruch Oren
Social activist, entrepreneur
מודי ברכה
Modi Bracha
Director of Environment, MA - Carmel Beach
רותי לפידות
Ruti Lapidut
Head of the Environment Committee - substitute Binyamina - Givat Ada
תמר קינן
Tamar Keinan
Consultant Partnership for Sustainable Transportation
אביעד שר שלום
Aviad Sar Shalom
Partnership's consultant
נעמי אפל
Naomi Apel
Partnership Director
אמיתי הר לב
Amitay har Lev
Strategic Consultant - Modus Company